Kids Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Our jiu jitsu classes are great way and keep your kids active and learning year round. A great way to get the kids motivated and into fitness. Self Protection at its funnest! Skills that last a lifetime!! 

Linic Kids Class
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What's it like training at linic jiu-jitsu?

Your kids will burn off large amounts of energy during the class practicing all of the drills 

Classes are 50 minutes long and almost nonstop action 

They learn to be goal oriented and have to earn each belt they are awarded 

Our kids classes are open to ages 6 through 12

We are always there to help and encourage your children as they grow in the sport

Your children learn a real self defense that will protect them from bullying and other dangers

There is no season and they can train year round

They learn self discipline and how to follow instructions as well as work as a team with other students 

Jiu Jitsu can be a lifetime of fun with people practicing into their 60s and 70s

Our kids and parents love the classes

Come train under our black belt instructors

James Linic
Quentin Grant
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